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Ten Reasons (Plus One) To Be Married to a Sight-Impaired Husband

by Caye Poe, Dayton, Oregon

  1. He walks with me, not way ahead or far behind.
  2. Cleaning isn't so critical; he only notices a dirty shower if it gets really slimy.
  3. I don't have to buy new clothes to impress him--although he does know the difference between silk and flannel.
  4. He can't read the scale so I have to tell him how much he weighs. He will never know that when he gains weight, I do also.
  5. Morning is special, and he brings me hot chocolate, tea or coffee before my feet hit the floor. This is our time, and I read a book out loud for both of us.
  6. He loves to touch and be touched
  7. He doesn't see evil people or danger. Thus, I deal with it any way I see fit. "Yes, I know dear, that truck driver honked at us. Now he's waving at us!" (Not with all his fingers, but I don't have to relate that part.)
  8. He never asks for the latest tool on TV or yearns for a new Harley.
  9. Christmas is always fun. In his eyes, the little pair of silk undies that he purchased really will fit and look great. And, by the way, it's really easy to hide presents.
  10. He loves big bright flowers, and I can always expect a bouquet of California poppies as soon as they bloom. Even if I have to help him pick them, it's his idea.

Plus One: He thinks I'm beautiful. Please don't tell him I don't look like Raquel Welch in her younger years!

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