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Spring 2015 Contents

Blind Person on Watch: Staying at the Hospital 24/7 by Sue Tullos Duffy

You Can't Fix Stupid by Marty Klein

Vacation Suggestions: A Rich Legacy of History Worth Visiting (Part Two) by Peggy Chong

Winter 2014 Contents

Finding, Hiring, and Using In-Home Caregivers by Sue Tullos Duffy

Vacation Suggestions: A Rich Legacy of History Worth Visiting (Part One) by Peggy Chong

Making Room for Five by Kathy McKinsey

Fall 2014 Contents

The Magic of Touch by Bob Smithdas

It IS a Job to Get a Job by David Block

Can Your Medicine Bottles Do This? by B. T. Kimbrough and Marja Byers

Summer 2014 Contents

Braille Works: A More Readable Place by Toni Lechowicz

Be Our Guest! Working in the Hospitality Industry by Empish J. Thomas

Charles Abbott--Man on the Right Track by Peggy Chong

Spring 2014 Contents

EDITOR'S WELCOME: Fresh Eye Contact by B. T. Kimbrough

Should I Call Hospice? by Phyllis Campbell

Blind Ambition by Christopher Lynch

Winter 2013 Contents

EDITOR'S WELCOME: What One Person Can Do by B. T. Kimbrough

Ten Reasons (Plus One) To Be Married to a Sight-Impaired Husband by Caye Poe

Motivate, Educate, Inspire! But First--Finish That Brief by Empish J. Thomas

Fall 2013 Contents

Guarding The Independence You Hope You'll Never Need by Phyllis Campbell

Eat and Stay Neat by Stephanie Pieck

One-Hundred-Thirty-Nine Proof! She Read the Braille Encyclopedia--and Corrected It by B. T. Kimbrough

Summer 2013 Contents

Tough Choices at the Tragic Boston Marathon by David Bloch

Quietly Insisting at the Art Museum by Kathleen Winfield

Some Comments from Corky by Fred Gissoni, reprinted from DIALOGUE, Winter 1968

Spring 2013 Contents

The Case for Hanging In There by Barb Johnson

"Is That a Blind Dog?" by David Froggatt

Echoes from the Land of Canin'--A Review of the UltraCane by B. T. Kimbrough

Tiny Tunes: A Small Player with Some Large Issues by B. T. Kimbrough

Winter 2012 Contents

DIALOGUE's First 50 Years (Part Four: Great Expectations, Small Acts of Faith) by B. T. Kimbrough

TRANSITIONS: A Different Kind of Vision by Shannon Leslie

FEATURE: Without a Pencil to Chew On by Mimi Winer

Fall 2012 Contents

DIALOGUE's First 50 Years (Part Three: I Know You Can Do It) by B. T. Kimbrough

LIVING WITH LOW VISION: Taking Your Dreams Out of the Closet by Amy L. Bovaird

CONNECTIONS: Some Thoughts on Braille from the New NLS Director by B. T. Kimbrough

Summer 2012 Contents

DIALOGUE's First 50 Years (Part Two: Where Do We Go From Here?) by B. T. Kimbrough

Living With Low Vision: The Last Degree by Ann Chiapetta

From the Archives: Librarian Analyzes Talking Book Selections from a speech by Florence Grannis (Shropshire), reprinted from DIALOGUE, Fall 1969

Spring 2012 Contents

DIALOGUE's First 50 Years (Part One: The Call) by B. T. Kimbrough

A Vision Of In-Between by D. S. Sully

That's Motivation by Raymond M. Dickinson, reprinted from DIALOGUE, Spring 1970

Winter 2011 Contents

A Declaration of Independence by Susan Toland

Of Internships and Independence by Allison Nastoff

The $10,000 Dive by Carroll E. "Shorty" Cutting (as told to John J. Lesjack)


Fall 2011 Contents

When Hearing is Believing: A Profile of CHOICE MAGAZINE LISTENING by B. T. Kimbrough

A Sense of the Stage by Empish J. Thomas

The Storm That Stole My Food by Connie Weadon

Summer 2011 Contents

Of Struggle and Acceptance by Candance Rizzardini

A School of Their Own by B. T. Kimbrough

The Process of Getting Out by Nicole Bissett

Spring 2011 Contents

Protected by My Faithful Baseball Hat by Mimi Winer

Blind Assumptions by Marilyn Brandt Smith

Déjà All Over Again by Marty Klein

Winter 2010 Contents

Learning to See by Leonard I. Tuchyner

Sparking That Desire to Read by B. T. Kimbrough

BEHIND OUR EYES: A Review by Sue Tullos Duffy

Fall 2010 Contents

Time to Stop Driving by June Nessler

Choosing to Homeschool: An Alternative Path by Satauna Howery

Legally Blind Author's Book Strikes Back At Bullies by David Block

Towards the Finish Line by Sara Bennett

Summer 2010 Contents

"B" Is For Build Your Network by Antonio Guimaraes Jr.

This Trip Pushed My Limits by Marty Klein

Out of the Cookies and Into the Yarn by B. T. Kimbrough

Moving: How to Pack Up and Relocate without Going Mad by Satauna Howery

Spring 2010 Contents

Editor's Welcome by B.T. Kimbrough

A New Chapter by Carol McCarl

Living with Low Vision: It's the Same World by Amy L. Bovaird

November-December 2009 Contents

Connections by B.T. Kimbrough School's Out--Lessons Learned from the Closing of the Oregon School for the Blind

Winning the Braille War by Michael Eusanio

"The Tradition:" On Air with Terry Wood by Empish J. Thomas

September-October 2009 Contents

Connections by B.T. Kimbrough   DIALOGUE Returns to Its Roots as a Quarterly

Navigating the Dreaded Cafeteria! by Rebecca Sherman

Saved by a Nose by Mimi Winer

July - August 2009 Contents

Confronting the Challenge of Macular Degeneration by June Nessler

Blind Teens Have Fun While Gaining Work Experience by Karen A. Myers

You and Your Audiologist: Maximizing the Use of Hearing Aids by Gabrielle H. Saunders

May - June 2009 Contents

New Technology Offers New Opportunities in Publishing by Nan Hawthorne

The Noise about Quiet Cars by B. T. Kimbrough and Gary C. Norman

A Painful Lesson by Chris Kuell

March - April 2009 Contents 

Louis Braille at 200 Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Birth of Louis Braille  by C. Michael Mellor

Prepare for Stormy Weather with an Accessible Emergency Radio by Bruce Atchison

Rules for Blind Dates How to Make a Good First Impression by Phyllis Campbell

January - February 2009 Contents 

When Hearing Loss Enters the Equation by David Goldstein

Making A Difference Through Community Involvement by John C. Pleasants

Around the Globe in Six Dots: Braille Celebrations Take Center Stage in 2009 by Sara Bennett

November - December 2008 Contents

Launch of High Definition TV: Are You Ready for the Conversion? by Empish J. Thomas

Learning Braille the Hard Way by Leonard Tuchyner

Surviving Downsizing by Dana Nichols

2008 Gift Guide Compiled by Karen Lynn Thomas

September - October 2008 Contents 

Faster Than A Spinning CD: A Profile of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic by B. T. Kimbrough

A Journey of Love by Phyllis Campbell

Accessible Voting Machines by Paul Filpus

Onward and Upward for Blind Politicians by Sara Bennett

July - August 2008 Contents 

Reconnecting the Dots: A Profile of the National Braille Association by B. T. Kimbrough

Parts of Me by Ann Chiappetta 

Teed Off by Gord Paynter

Blind Kids in the Kitchen by Ronda Del Boccio

May - June 2008 Contents 

CONNECTIONS by B. T. Kimbrough New York Governor David Paterson

Campus Voices: Library Research by Karen A. Myers and Michele Chittenden  

The Shared Problem by Phyllis Campbell

March - April 2008 Contents 

Grandma, I Can't Believe You're Doing This! 

The Benefits of Recruiting Volunteers Who Are Blind 

Teaching Independent Living, Volunteerism and Advocacy Skills 

Norway: Exporting Expectations 

January - February 2008 Contents 

The United States Association of Blind Athletes Educating the World One Athlete at a Time by Michelle Ortlieb

The Future Is Here Time to Stop Dreaming and Start Streaming by Nolan Crabb

The $32 Million Question by B. T. Kimbrough

November - December 2007 Contents

DIALOGUE Interviews Nancy O'Donnell of the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults

The Artist with an Inner Vision by Mimi Winer

How to Shop for a Volunteer Job by Nan Hawthorne

September - October 2007 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Julie Connoyer of Seedlings 

The Reality of Dreams by Phyllis Campbell 

2007 Gift Guide Compiled by Karen Lynn Thomas

July - August 2007 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Renee DiFlavio of the Statler Center

Counting on Currency Accessibility by Sara Bennett

I Think I Cane by Chris Kuell

May - June 2007 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Bud Keith of Ski for Light

Precision by Kelsey Reams 

Campus Voices: Grace The Resident Advisor by Karen A. Myers 

Who Pays for Virus Protection Anymore?  by Nolan Crabb

March - April 2007 Contents

DIALOGUE Interviews Barbara Castleman of Perkins

New Discoveries Bring New Life by Marcy Whiteside

Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone by Jeremiah Taylor

January - February 2007 Contents

DIALOGUE Interviews Bernadette Kappen of Overbrook

Taking a Guide Dog to Britain by Donald Campbell Baker

"The Only Reason We Are Here" by Sara Bennett

November - December 2006 Contents

DIALOGUE Interviews Carl R. Augusto of AFB

Campus Voices: Navigating Career Services

Walking Without Worry by Nolan Crabb

2006 Gift Guide Compiled by Karen Lynn Thomas 

September - October 2006 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Nancy Niebrugge of Braille Institute of America 

HERE'S HOW   My Experience with an Accessible Voting Machine


July - August 2006 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Camille Caffarelli of Horizons 

HERE'S HOW    Tips for the Newly Blind Diabetic by Chris Kuell

SPOTLIGHT ON FAMILIES  No Holding Back by Marlyn Margulis

May - June 2006 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Janet Handy of NAHV




March - April 2006 Contents

DIALOGUE Interviews Dawn Turco of Hadley School

TRANSITIONS RP on Film by Michael F. Eusanio

HERE'S HOW Caning the Terrain by Carol M. McCarl

WORK MATTERS Staying the Course by Kimberly Morrow

January - February 2006 Contents

DIALOGUE Interviews Morgan Roth of RFB&D  

TECHNOLOGY ANSWER BOOK The Second Time Around by Iva Menning

HOME FRONT Setting Up the Low Vision Kitchenby Ronda Del Boccio

November - December 2005 Contents

DIALOGUE Visits with Tuck Tinsley of the American Printing House for the Blind

WORK MATTERS Figuring It Out by Rebecca Riggs

FEATURE 2005 Gift Guide Compiled by Karen Lynn Thomas

September - October 2005 Contents

IN MEMORIUM by Carol M. McCarl

A Letter Too Late by Walt Stromer

DIALOGUE Visits with the Chief of the Hines Blind Rehabilitation Center

Get Tuned In to Podcasts by Nolan Crabb

Opening Doors for Blind Veterans by Brett S. Martin 

July - August 2005 Contents 

DIALOGUE Interviews Kim Cordingly from the Small Business and Self-Employment Service

What I Can or Cannot See by Fran Clever

eSight: Online Career Management by Jim Hasse

May - June 2005 Contents

DIALOGUE Visits With Its Publisher

Save My Sanity! by Carol M. McCarl

Top Tech Tools by Nolan Crabb

Winter 2004 Contents

Building Memories with Replica Buildings

Computer Security and You

Ten Steps to Stay Sane While Losing Sight

Summer 2004 Contents

Keeping Current with the Currents

How to Find the Best Bargains and Avoid Budget Busters

Getting Access, Getting Training: Neither Are Impossible

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