2006 Gift Guide

Compiled by Karen Lynn Thomas

Another year has gone by and it is time once again for the annual gift guide. This year's guide is packed with suggestions for brand-new products as well as all-time favorites. We contacted three top providers of blindness and low vision products for a list of the best new offerings as well as the best-sellers. There is something for everyone. Happy shopping!

12 Minute Digital Voice Recorder

This little recorder stores up to 99 messages and features quick searching with its fast forward, rewind and skip buttons. LCD shows message number, length and remaining recording time. Requires two AAA batteries not included.

Independent Living Aids (789124), $25.95

* * * * *

Colorino Talking Color Identifier

The Colorino is a small, handheld unit that can detect more than 100 nuances of color with just a press of a button. It can also be used as a light detector. Two AAA batteries, carrying case, cassette, large print and braille quick start guides included.

APH, English (1-03955-00) or Spanish (1-03955-SP), $195

* * * * *

Jumbo Illuminated Remote Control

This remote controls up to four devices and has large, three-quarter inch buttons. Buttons are shaped according to function, as circles, squares, or triangles for easy identification and navigation. Unit requires four AA batteries, not included.

LS&S (BW0550), $39.95

* * * * *

Talking Microwave by Hamilton Beach

This talking microwave features English or Spanish, 10 power levels, eight instant settings, five express one-touch settings, turntable, reminder, kitchen timer and more. Unit measures 20.1 inches by 17 inches by 11.2 inches.

Independent Living Aids (756800), $169.95

* * * * *

Talking Timer and Clock 

This talking clock has a handy talking count-down feature. Batteries are included.

Independent Living Aids (756335), $14.95

* * * * *

Large Print Sudoku

Are you addicted yet? This large print Sudoku book will keep you engaged for hours. Book contains 1,000 puzzles, ranked from easy to fiendish. Each Sudoku puzzle square is approximately 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches with individual squares measuring three-eighths inch square.

LS&S (451006), $9.95

* * * * *

Money Talks ™ Bank Account Management Software from APH

Record transactions, reconcile accounts and print checks with this accessible financial management software from APH. Money Talks can be used with its built-in speech or with a screen reader and can be purchased on CD or downloaded from the Web.

Money Talks Electronic Distribution (D-03560-ED), $39

Money Talks CD (D-03560-00), $49

* * * * *

Strobe 100

The Strobe 100 is a go-anywhere portable text scanner powered by the USB port on your notebook or desktop computer.

Independent Living Aids (861200), $249

* * * * *

Telex Tutor Four Track Player

This four-track player allows the user to listen to the specially modified Talking Books from the Library of Congress. Unit has variable speed, two track record capabilities, and a built-in speaker. It comes with headphones, as well as large print and cassette instructions.

LS&S (300536-000), $135.95

* * * * *

ILA Magnifiers with LED Bulbs

Easy to operate magnifiers, include bulbs that last up to 10 years.

Independent Living Aids, Pocket and Stand Models, $29.95 and Up

* * * * *

Milestone 311 Voice Recorder and MP3 Player

Designed with the blind user in mind, this accessible device can record up to two hours, extended to 140 hours with the addition of a digital card. Connect to the PC through the USB port and download MP3 files to play on the built-in MP3 player. No drivers required.

Independent Living Aids (757828), $369

* * * * *

DuPont Collection Print-Braille Children's Books from APH, $10 each

Selected titles from this collection include:


A visit from Santa is just what Willy's wheelchair-using friend needs. But how can that happen on the nineteenth floor? (9-15015-00)


The story of a typical day in the life of Perry the guide dog, looking out for Sarah, his owner. (9-14009-00)


An alphabetical tour of the nation's capital in rhyme explores famous places and landmarks. (9-15036-00)

* * * * *

ILA Braille Labeler

This braille labeler includes print and braille markings on the dial. One roll of transparent braille labeling tape included.

Independent Living Aids (126740), $34.95

* * * * *

Maxlupe Mini Plus 2 in 1 CCTV

The Maxlupe Mini Plus is both a portable CCTV, with a 3.5 inch TFT screen with excellent clarity and contrast, and a regular CCTV, when plugged into your own television. Use the portable device when out at your bridge game, then plug it into your own TV for stationary viewing.

LS&S (251018), $1,800

* * * * *


These fun balls from APH are easy to grab and have high-contrast ribbing. "Crinkly" fabric in the ribs adds an auditory component. Three sizes available: 14 inch (red/yellow); 18 inch (blue/yellow); and 30 inch (black/yellow).

Jacob's 14 inch Rib-It-Ball (1-07513-00), $23

Jacob's 18 inch Rib-It-Ball (1-07514-00), $39

Jacob's 30 inch Rib-It-Ball with foot pump (1-07515-00), $68

* * * * *

All inPlay

Begin playing Texas Hold 'em, 5 card draw and Crazy Eights online with your friends with this CD and its one-year membership to All inPlay. These self-voicing, completely accessible computer games enable blind and sighted players to play as equals.

Independent Living Aids (870217), $79.95

* * * * *

Coil Auto Touch Pocket LED Magnifiers

Auto Touch magnifiers are the most low maintenance, user-friendly models. High quality optics combine with LED lighting for superior performance.

LS&S, Various Strengths from 3X to 11X, $79.95

* * * * *

Verilux® HappyEyes® Lamps from LS&S

Proper lighting is extremely important for a low vision reader. The Verilux daylight spectrum lights bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors and create glare-free, visually efficient lighting that reduces eyestrain and provides sharp visibility for reading.

(401004 desk lamp), $79.95

(401006 floor lamp), $129.95

* * * * *

Chrissy's Collection Print/Braille Children's Books, $25 each

Selected titles from this collection from APH include:


A freshly baked gingerbread man escapes when he is taken out of the oven and eludes a number of pursuers until he meets a clever fox. (9-12030-00)

ON THE SAME DAY IN MARCH by Marilyn Singer

ON THE SAME DAY IN MARCH: A TOUR OF THE WORLD'S WEATHER is a charming book about what is happening around the world on the same spring day. Words and illustrations feature scenes from Antarctica, Texas, Egypt, Australia, and other interesting places. (9-15007-00)


A book of traditional poems and songs, including "This Little Pig Went to Market," "Brave News Is Coming to Town," and "Bingo."


* * * * *

Talking Atomic Clock

This talking atomic clock automatically sets itself and re-sets again for Daylight Saving Time. A clear, female voice speaks both the date and time, and guides you during set up.

LS&S (101021), $37.95

* * * * *

APH InSights Large Print/Braille Art Calendar

Twelve month large print/braille calendar features the artwork of visually impaired artists. Calendar includes months, days, holidays and moon phases.

APH InSights Calendar 2007 (5-18971-07), $7.50

* * * * *

The Touch-Tactile Recognition Game

Match the drawing with the object inside the dome and build children's fine motor skills, challenge recall ability and increase confidence. An award-winning game the whole family can enjoy.

Independent Living Aids (363560), $29.95

* * * * *

Home Office Bundle

This series of products provides nearly everything needed to help navigate home office functions independently. The package includes a low vision ruler, a talking calculator, a signature guide, an envelope guide and a bold line 20/20 pen.

LS&S (HB1), $27.95

* * * * *

Voice Activated Answering Machine

This machine is speaker-independent and responds to simple verbal commands such as "Play New," or "Set Volume."

LS&S (501008), $249

* * * * *

Low Vision Desk Clock

This handsome desk clock has bold white numbers on a black face for excellent contrast and visibility. Large numbers also glow in the dark for nighttime viewing. Measures five and one-fourth inches round.

LS&S (101029), $32.95

* * * * *

Atomic Talking Clock with Alarm and Temperature

Hear the time, date, alarm setting and indoor and outdoor temperatures spoken at the touch of a button with this talking clock. All functions are spoken and the clock features a large display.

Independent Living Aids (247542), $44.95

* * * * *

SenseView Portable CCTV

The SenseView electronic magnifier is an indispensable tool, with a 4.3 inch LCD screen and a magnification range from 4X to 22.5X. Six color modes and a 4.5 hour battery life.

LS&S (251025), $825

* * * * *

Talking Scale 

This talking scale accurately weighs up to 440 pounds. Requires four AAA batteries and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Independent Living Aids (756750), $59.95

* * * * *

Talking Dress Watches

Stylish watches come in a variety of different face colors and band styles. Choose from white, black, blue or gold faces, and silver, gold, or leather bands. Most watches available in Ladies' or Men's.

LS&S, Various Models, $34.95

* * * * *

Talking Watches

Talking Watches with alarms, without alarms, calendars, expansion bands, leather straps or beaded bands.

Independent Living Aids, Various Styles, Various Prices

* * * * *

ILA New Enriched Sound Cassette Recorder/Player

This compact unit features cue and review, variable speed, auto stop, built-in speaker, headphones, sleep switch and AC adapter.

Independent Living Aids (757806), $74.95


Find a great product not on the list? Let us know about it at magazine@blindskills.com.


Shopping Details

American Printing House for the Blind

1839 Frankfort Avenue

P.O. Box 6085

Louisville, KY 40206-0085

Phone: 800-223-1839

E-mail: info@aph.org

Web site: www.aph.org

Independent Living Aids Inc.

P.O. Box 9022

Hicksville, NY 11802-9022

Phone: 800-537-2118

E-mail: can-do@independentliving.com

Web site: www.independentliving.com


P.O. Box 673

Northbrook, IL 60065

Phone: 800-468-4789

E-mail: info@LSSproducts.com

Web site: http://lssproducts.com

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